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Gaining experience



Competition for jobs in this sector is fierce and work experience is integral to securing a graduate job within the field of Architecture, so any pre-entry work experience in an architectural, design or construction environment is desirable and highly regarded by recruiters. As well as being an important way to develop your expertise and understanding of architectural practices, completing a variety of work experiences will help you gain the all-important transferable skills employers are looking for.


Types of opportunities


Placements usually last between 6-12 months and can be taken as part of your degree programme.

You can find placements through:


Learn more about completing a placement year


Most internships are short-term, lasting from a few weeks to a year, and give you hands-on experience. Many employers will treat internships in the same way as full-time employment, so when a job role asks for 'at least one year’s experience' you can include this type of experience in your calculation.

Internships with architectural, design and construction firms can be found at: 

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Enhance your prospects with hands-on experience through volunteering. Whether you're uncertain about your career path or aiming for professional success, volunteering offers a chance to explore diverse roles. Discover opportunities through MyCareer's 'Volunteering Bank'.


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Speculative Applications

Speculative applications involve sending a CV and cover letter to an employer to ask if they can offer any work experience, even if the company is not currently advertising placements or internships.

Submitting a speculative application shows your interest in a specific company and your willingness to go above and beyond to develop your skills and understanding of the industry. 

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Building work experience

Learn more about how we can support you in securing experience and translating the skills you gain to future applications. 


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