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Inclusive employers

Advice on finding employers that will provide the right support for you

As a mature student you may be concerned about competing for graduate opportunities and how your application will be viewed. Graduate schemes and opportunities may state that they're suitable for recent graduates but they shouldn't be restricted by an age limit.

Most employers have equal opportunities policies in place and are committed to preventing age discrimination, recognising the experience that a diverse workforce can bring to their organisation.

Opportunities - what to look for when researching employers

Find out more about companies that interest you, look at their commitment to diversity and inclusion in their workforce. Employers may also discuss their approach to providing a supportive work environment including flexible working, training and development and staff wellbeing. Our guide to researching an employer will help you get started.

What do you need to tell a potential employer?

There's no legal requirement for you to disclose your age to an employer and therefore it's a personal decision to do so. Whatever your age, the priority with your applications and interviews should be to present your skills and experiences in the most positive light. 

Support organisations and networks 

Check out information available through the Centre for Ageing Better and Age UK for further ideas about identifying an age-positive employer.