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Find out the latest figures for coronavirus cases at the University

Weekly Update: Coronavirus cases at the University

We're encouraging students and staff to get themselves tested for Covid-19 so we can proactively monitor the virus at our University, take action when needed and keep each other as safe as possible. 

At 10am on Monday 11 October, there were 19 active cases - Covid positive students and staff who were self-isolating at the University at that time.

Of these active cases, 8 were students, and 11 were staff members. This is out of a population of 31,000 students and 3,600 staff.

Reporting Covid cases

Students and staff who test positive for Covid must continue to inform the University's central Covid team using this Covid Report Form. This ensures they get the support they need, and means action can be taken to limit the spread of Covid-19 on campus.

Support for self-isolating students

If you're self isolating in halls of residence and private accommodation, you can benefit from:

  • Welfare checks - our ResLife Team are making regular checks and can help you access other support such as our Student Wellbeing Service.  
  • Free food parcels - for students in self-catered accommodation, and three hot meals a day to students living in our catered accommodation at Rees Hall and Burrell House.
  • Laundry service - free clean bedding to students if you live in University and Unite Students halls of residence. The Student Housing Company provides clean bedding at a charge. 
  • Cleaning products - a package of cleaning products to ensure that your house or flat remains hygienic during self-isolation. 
  • Laptop loan schemes - borrow a laptop if you need one to access online teaching and study resources.
  • If you're facing financial difficulties due to Covid, you may be eligible for a grant from the University Support Fund.

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