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Give feedback on your student experience

There's lots of ways to improve the University experience for others

Wherever you are in your University journey, your feedback is important to us.

Taking the time give feedback on your course, the University facilities and more will help ups improve them for current and future students.

Student Voice Policy

The Student Voice Policy sets out the ways you can voice views and opinions about your studies and the wider student experience - including course and module level feedback, course reps, surveys and reviews.

It sets out the mechanisms by which the student voice should be heard by the University through student participation in committees, student surveys and other student feedback.

It also emphasises the need to value the feedback, and for timely action to be taken in response to valid issues and justifiable concerns raised through student feedback mechanisms, and describes how this can be done.

Finally the Policy briefly outlines ways in which students will have opportunities to be partners in key aspects of our quality system.

The Operational Annex is a supplementary document to the Student Voice Policy.

Give feedback

Student Surveys

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Student Opinion Panel

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