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Learn new skills with online courses

Access hundreds of courses for free on LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) is a great online learning and training resource, available free to all students and staff through your University account.

There are more than 14,000 courses available over the web or through the mobile apps, covering business, creative and technology subjects. Some of the courses will relate directly to your degree course, while others can help improve your general skills or boost your employability.

Whatever you choose, you can study them at your own pace, for free.

When you explore LinkedIn Learning, you'll find:

  • Personalised Content - Using the data and insights from 575 million members, LinkedIn Learning will suggest the most relevant courses or videos for you, based on the skills known to be important to a given job function or role
  • Learning Paths - Discover learning paths that recommend a relevant sequence of videos and courses, so you can gain expertise in a topic of your choosing
  • Collections - Playlists are now known as 'Collections' in LinkedIn Learning. You can create your own collections, add videos, courses, and custom content of any media format to collections and view in any sequential order
  • Discover New Topics - It's easier than ever to search and browse courses – thanks to curated topic pages, populated with the most popular courses

Learning paths

LinkedIn Learning Paths are a great way to find curated content related to a particular career path or area of expertise. Rather than one course they'll group a number of courses together allowing you to progress and develop your knowledge. Useful Learning Paths include:

Briefing and workshops

Our Information Services (IS) team can provide a briefing on LinkedIn Learning – and how best to use it – to groups of students, staff or teams. To make an enquiry about a briefing, please contact ittraining@port.ac.uk.