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Improving your submissions

Use our resources to develop your writing style, assignment structure and understanding of key words

You'll submit written assignments throughout your studies. This might include essays, bibliographies, literary reviews and reports depending on your course. 

These pages cover some of the skills you'll use during your written assignments. You can use these resources throughout your studies to develop your writing style and improve your coursework.  

Improve your writing

Academic writing style

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Writing clear sentences

Explore our top tips for writing clear sentences and download our help sheet.

CCI Facilities; June 2019
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Writing: flow and coherence

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Better essays: paraphrasing

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Commonly confused words and improving vocabulary

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Commas and its

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Acronyms and initials: how to use apostrophes and plurals

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Structure your work

Basic essay structure

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Paragraphs main body of an assessment

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Basic data interpretation

13th December 2018
CCI Facilities and Students
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Better Essays: Signposting

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Understand your assignments

Essays: task words

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Dissertation Tips

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Reports and essays: key differences

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Reflective writing introduction

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Key features of academic reports

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Experimental laboratory reports in engineering

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