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How to be an Ally to Estranged Students

18 November 2021 4 min read

Ways you can support students at uni without the support of their parents

Students walking through Gunwharf Quays

What does it mean to be estranged?

17 November 2021 4 min read

Sophie shares her experiences of being a student at uni without the support of her family

Students looking at HMS Warrior

Truths, lies and undercover spies Investigating credibility cues when individuals lie or tell the truth about a mission they completed

27 October 2021 4 min read

The research is significant for police interviews as it will help with uncovering lies told by interviewees which has wider implications for the safety of society.


Investigation of kinaesthetic illusions induced by non-invasive muscle vibration Did you know you can trick your brain with vibrations?

27 October 2021 4 min read

This research study aims to analyse the role of vibrations to create illusions of arm movements.


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