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Housing support

Support whether you're in halls or renting in the city

Living away from home with other students could be one of the most exciting and rewarding parts of your time in Portsmouth.

You'll have the time of your life, but if there are a few bumps along the way then there's plenty of help available to get you back on track.

Help with living in halls - Res Life Team

If you're experiencing the ups and downs of sharing a hall with other students, the residence life team can offer help and advice. You can get help and advice with:

  • health concerns
  • homesickness
  • relationship problems (e.g. with housemates)
  • noisy neighbours

Help with private renting

From finding somewhere suitable and checking over the details, to moving in - we've got you covered.

House hunting guide

If you've never had to find a place to live before, the process of house hunting can seem like a big challenge. So let us help. Our house hunting guide is a helpful companion to finding student accommodation in Portsmouth. From general advice, to a property jargon glossary, we've got you covered.

Students walking in Old Portsmouth
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Viewing a property

Use our property viewing checklist and don't miss a thing when you're looking round a potential new home

University of Portsmouth private student housing
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Moving in

Once you've found the ideal private accommodation, you'll need to work through the process of moving in. This can seem daunting if you've not gone through the process before, but don't worry, we've got your back. 

Students walking together in Victoria Park
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Getting help and advice

You might find answers to commonly asked questions helpful. If you need any advice, our Student Housing team may be able to help.