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Welcome to Portsmouth

Explore our Welcome Month activities and get started with university life

Your first month of uni is a great chance to meet new people, settle into your accommodation and get to know your campus and city.

Join in with a mix of virtual events and face-to-face activities that will help you meet other students, make new friends, explore and join clubs and societies, get to grips with your studies and learn more about life at uni. 

Important dates

  • 11 - 17 September: International Orientation Week
  • 18 September - 27 October: Welcome Month

You'll need to complete your registration or re-registration if you're a continuing student to access all Welcome Month events.


Welcome Month events are in three main themes. Use them to help you plan your events diary and spot the events most important to you.

Student life

Discover the opportunities available to you outside study by exploring societies, new hobbies and Portsmouth.

Support and guidance

Attending support and guidance events will help you get set up and prepared for the new year ahead.

Sports Tasters

Try a sport you like or try something new while making new friends.

Jump to week 

Week 1: 18 - 24 September

Course induction

You'll attend induction events to introduce you to your course tutors and hear more about our services including the Library, Careers and Employment, and the University Wellbeing Service. We'll contact you on your University email to tell you how to access your induction schedule before your first week, or find your timetable here:

Monday 18 Sep

Paint brushes and pens

09:00-10:00: Freshers' Welcome Breakfast

11:00-15:00: Paint Your Own Mug (choose your hour time slot)

Tuesday 19 Sep

walking tour through Victoria Park

10:00-18:00: Freshers' Fayre

10:00-16:00: Free bike tours of the city (choose your slot)

11:00-15:00: Paint Your Own Mug (choose your hour time slot)

Wednesday 20 Sep

Festival of culture

10:00- 18:00: Freshers' Fayre

10:00-16:00: Free bike tours of the city (choose your slot)

11:00-15:00: Paint Your Own Mug (choose your hour time slot)

Thursday 21 Sep

Ceramic painting

10:00-18:00: Give Me Sport

11:00-15:00: Paint Your Own Mug (choose your hour time slot)

Friday 22 Sep

Mens ultimate frisbee

10:00-18:00: Give Me Sport

11:00-15:00: Paint Your Own Mug (choose your hour time slot)

Saturday 23 Sep

Students playing squash in Ravelin Sports Centre

10:00-18:00: Give Me Sport

Sunday 24 Sep

students playing table tennis

10:00-18:00: Give Me Sport

Week 2: 25 September - 1 October

Monday 25 Sep

Students walking and talking

Tuesday 26 Sep

Students walking outside

Wednesday 27 Sep

Student walking on campus

Thursday 28 Sep

CCI Facilities and Students

Friday 29 Sep

Students studying

Saturday 30 Sep

Students walking in the evening

Sunday 1 Oct

Loafs of bread

Week 3: 2 – 8 October

Monday 2 Oct

Croxton's Kitchen & Tap House

Tuesday 3 Oct

Students watching TV

11:00-14:00: WEXFEST Event

11:00-14:00: Writing without plagiarising

Wednesday 4 Oct

Feel Good Festival

14:00-14:30: Study Tips

Thursday 5 Oct

A studious student reading and writing

14:00-14:30: Reading Tips

Friday 6 Oct


Saturday 7 Oct

Students playing squash

Sunday 8 Oct

Students walking in the Dockyard

Week 4: 9 – 15 October

Monday 9 Oct

Student sketching with pencils

Tuesday 10 Oct

Yoga mat

10:30-11:00: Study Tips

Wednesday 11 Oct

Close up of a student holding some academic books

10:30-11:00: Reading Tips

Friday 13 Oct

Student colouring

Saturday 14 Oct

students shopping in Gunwharf

Sunday 15 Oct

Feel Good Festival

Week 5: 16 – 22 October

Monday 16 Oct

Student debating

Tuesday 17 Oct

Yoga mat

14:00-14:30: Reading Tips

Wednesday 18 Oct

Students sat gathered in a room

14:00-14:30: Study Tips

Friday 20 Oct

Board games

Saturday 21 Oct

Students talking around a table

Sunday 22 Oct

Student using a table tennis table

Week 6: 23 – 27 October

Monday 23 Oct

Four students sat with their laptops open

Tuesday 24 Oct

Student reading

10:30-11:00: Reading Tips

Wednesday 25 Oct

Study Groups

Friday 27 Oct

Students studying in a group with their laptops open

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