This article will provide information in relation to the services available if you have been accused of bullying/harassment.

Although all accusations are taken seriously, if you are accused of harassment or bullying, it does not necessarily signify a judgement that you are at fault and there will need to be discussion with you in order to establish the true nature of the situation. It is possible that a problem has arisen because you have not realised, or did not intend to cause, the effect your actions have had. The perception of the person alleging the behaviour is, however, an important factor in determining whether or not bullying or harassment has taken place.

Throughout any informal or formal procedure, the primary objective is that of identifying the underlying issues and addressing any issues as quickly as possible and with minimal recrimination. If the formal procedure is initiated, the University will ensure that all procedures are fair and correctly followed.

For assistance, students may wish to contact the Students’ Union Advice Centre and/or the current VP Welfare and Community Sabbatical Officer, who is based in Gun House, next to Café Coco.

For further information please refer to page 10 of the Dignity and Respect Policy.