This article provides information about the process of reporting incidents of bullying and harassment against a member of staff.

You can report staff members for bullying/ harassment.

The University of Portsmouth Strategy 2015–2020 clearly states that ‘we respect and celebrate diversity and equal opportunity through an inclusive culture.’

The Equality and Diversity Policy Statement highlights we will 'value all members of our community, be they staff, students, contractors and visitors, as well as the wider community. We will achieve this by providing a fair, supportive and discriminatory-free environment that promotes equality of opportunity and values diversity. We believe this can be done through creating mutual understanding and a learning environment based on respect and celebrating differences between individuals, as well as utilising their talent and experiences.'

Dignity and respect is undermined by harassment and bullying. Both of these are regarded seriously and may be treated as grounds for disciplinary action. The University takes a zero tolerance approach towards harassment or bullying. It is also expects that dignity and respect towards others is demonstrated by all who work or study at the University.

For further information please refer to Appendix C of the Dignity and Respect Policy.