This article will provide information with regards to questions surrounding how a student’s disability may impact upon their application.


The University Admissions Policy explicitly states that (clause 5.9)

  1. All applications from candidates who have disclosed a disability and/or specific learning difficulty will be considered in the same way as any other application and a decision will be made that is based upon the candidate’s academic merit and potential.
  2. Where an application indicates a disability and/or specific learning difficulty, the details relating to this are referred by the Admissions Centre to the Additional Support and Disability Advice Centre (ASDAC). The applicant’s requirements are considered and appropriate action taken to support, for example, their learning and access needs. Where necessary a meeting will be organised with the applicant to explore such requirements and how these may be met. Following this, support will be put in place and reasonable adjustments made at the University to address barriers which disabled students may encounter in the learning, teaching and assessment environment and which may affect performance.

NB: Whilst the provisions of the Equality Act 2010 normally make it illegal to reject an applicant on the grounds of disability there are three instances in which a university can reject a disabled applicant even if they have met the relevant entry criteria. These are:

  • overriding health and safety concerns;
  • barriers resulting from professional requirements;
  • necessary reasonable adjustments cannot be made.

ASDAC aims to liaise with all applicants right from the outset. The main objective of this is to identify any specific support requirements and/or potential barriers so that guidance can then be provided concerning potential support provision and/or the feasibility of completing the chosen course. Once support needs have been identified and clarified ASDAC will then ensure that these are communicated to those staff who may be responsible for delivering the support and/or making adjustments to teaching, learning and assessment process.