This article will provide advice about insurance in private accommodation/ housing.

Private accommodation will not offer any insurance cover within the rent, so insurance is important.

Check whether your belongings are covered under your parent's' policy, as more insurers offer this now.

Many landlords will request that you have sufficient insurance to cover accidental damage to their possessions (including furniture and property). It is advisable that you take, at least, the minimum amount of cover you can afford.


When considering insurance you should:

  • Shop around – some insurance companies have higher excesses, overall prices and exclude some things such as accidental damage, food damage (if your freezer breaks down and your food is ruined) etc.
  • Try to find a policy designed especially for students. Endsleigh are a popular company for student insurance. Read the policy carefully before you buy it!
  • If you need further advice, speak to Student Housing or the Student Finance team first.