This article will give you information on whether the Maths Café can help postgraduate students with Mathematics or Statistics.

Sometimes, PhD students in non-mathematical disciplines are required to do some mathematics as part of their research and may require some help with things such as:

  • measuring and recording information,
  • figuring out areas,
  • graphing or otherwise representing data,
  • figuring out the probability of an event,
  • understanding mathematical notation or formulae,
  • finding relevant literature or resources,
  • brushing up on a particular mathematical concepts and other problems of mathematical or statistical nature.

If you think that Maths Café might be able to help, please come and see us at our drop-in sessions, or briefly explain the nature of your mathematical problem in an email ( and we will let you know if we can help.

If you need help with research and survey design, quantitative methods, SPSS, NVivo, R software or similar, we suggest that you visit the Graduate School which offers a range of workshops aimed specifically at research students at the University of Portsmouth.

If your research includes a considerable mathematical or statistical element and your PhD supervisor(s) are not able to help, then you may be looking for a research consultation or collaboration instead of Maths Café help. If you think that might be the case, talk to your supervisor(s) about approaching the Graduate School for help, or emailing the Maths Department (