Print stations are located in all buildings, the FAQ below lists the locations of the print stations in each building. The  printers are multi functional devices (MFD) that allow you to

  • print
  • copy
  • scan 

Using the Printers

You will need to register your University staff card when using a staff print station for the first time.  

  1. Tap your card on the printer where it reads Please place your card here
  2. Enter your University username and password
  3. Add the printer VR-Staff-Print on Printing-APP-02 to the device you are using  - for more information see the How do I install a printer? in the FAQ below 
  4. To release your printing tap your staff card on the printer and press release printing
  5. To access additional functionality such as scanning and copying press on Device Functions
  6. Please remember to log out when you are finished

Printer FAQ


  • Room 0.04 (S3046)
  • Staff/Student Print Room (S3235)
  • Room 2.11 (S3035)
  • Law foyer (S3139)


  • Reception (S3052)
  • Second Floor Reception (S3146)


  • Floor 1 Foyer (S3016)
  • Room 2.03a (S3008)


  • BB 1.13 (S3091)

Burnaby Terrace

  • Room 0.15 (S3141)


  • Room 0.17 (S3128)
  • Room 0.138 (S3144)
  • Room EW3.02 (S3083)

IMS Eastney

  • Block D - Ground Floor, Room G6 (S3014)

King Henry

  • Room 2.17 (S3054)
  • Floor 6 corridor (S3017)


  • Ground Floor Hub (S3045)
  • Room 1.12 (S3070)


  • Floor 3 Office (S3238)
  • Floor 5 Office (S3107)
  • Floor 7 Office (S3178)
  • Floor 9 Office (S3099)


  • Floor 2 Room 1 (S3055)

Park Building

  • Room 1.22 (S3049)
  • Room 2.13 (access through 2.14) (S3043)
  • Room 4.40 (S3131)

Port Royal Street

  • Ground floor office (S3140)


  • Room 0.72/The Atrium (S3057)
  • Floor 2
  • Outside Room 3.44a

Ravelin Sports Centre

  • Ground floor foyer (S3087)

Rees Hall

  • Conference room (S3086)

St Andrews Court

  • Block A - Graduate School 4.02 (S3169)
  • Block A - Main reception (S3076)
  • Block B - Floor 1 - Staff Kitchen (S3185)

St Georges

  • Room 1.13 (S3079)
  • Room 3.11 (S3088)
  • Room 5.33 (S3041)

St Pauls

  • Reception (S3246)


  • Ground floor hub (S3133)
  • Room 3.0 (S3135)
  • Room 4.0 (S3136)
  • Room 5.0 (S3137)

Rosalind Franklin East

  • Room 0.117 (S3030)


  • Room 2.03 (S3190)

St Michaels Building

  • Floor 2 - Foyer (S3074)
  • Floor 5 -  Staff room (S3165)
  • Bioresources 6.04 (S3081)
  • Biophysics Room 1.28 (S3125)

University Learning Centre

  • Room 0.02 (S3097)
  • Floor 5 - Catering (S3147)

University Library

  • Ground Floor (S3004)

University House

  • Ground Floor 0.02 (S3102)
  • Room 2.02 (S3181)


  • Criminology Office (S3039)

White Swan

  • Room 2.05 (S3126)

William Beatty (Dental Academy)

  • Ground floor, main corridor (S3042)


We would like everyone to consider whether they really need to print, but if you need to print for your job or need to as part of a reasonable adjustment you can still do so.

Installing the University Printer

  1. On a University device click on the Install a Printer Icon on the desktop
  2. Select Add Printer 
  3. Once the Add a device screen has updated scroll down and select VR-Staff-Print on Printing-APP-02 
  4. Click on Next
  5. Click on Finish





Specialist printing can now be completed by Printing Services.

Please contact Service Desk (ext 7777). Your local IS team will contact Sharp and ensure the printer is brought back to service. 

The location of other printers is located in this FAQ.

Caretakers check each printer a number of times daily and will ensure that there is spare paper available. 

We would expect staff to put the paper into the printer when it is empty. 

If there is no paper, please call the Service Desk (ext 7777) and we will arrange for a delivery. 

If you have an urgent need to print please check the list of other Staff Print Station locations which are available on this page.

Toner levels are monitored closely and we aim to replace them proactively when they reach below 5%.

If you notice a toner has run out (not just run low) please contact the Service Desk and we will arrange for this to be replaced.

Please call the Service Desk who will be able to assist you

A monthly report will be provided to all HoD’s to enable them to manage printing in their department

If you need to print large amounts of material to work effectively please make this known to your line manager so they can consider reasonable adjustments.

Please see Printing using a Linux device article.

We base the number of printers in each building on the size, number of floors, and printing volumes , this will be reviewed regularly.

In the event of an exception that is not addressed by this policy, the matter will be referred to the Information Services, Chief Information Officer for consideration and a decision.

  • Example: Approved, additional printers are required in the Eye Clinic and Dental Academy to print patient test results or appointment details etc.
  • Example: Approved, Student Services require an additional printer for parchment printing on to specialist paper.
  • Example: Declined, a request for a local printer in a manager’s office for printing sensitive documents (all staff print stations will have secure University card release).
  • Desktop printers and printing provision at home will be considered as a reasonable adjustment following a recommendation by Occupational Health.