Your account details

Your staff account username will use up to the first 7 letters of your surname and your first initial. Sometimes when a username is already taken it will have a number. 

e.g. BloggsJ or SmithA1

You will use this username and password to sign in to the majority of University services. 

When you start here, your username and password will be given to you via a phone call to the service desk. 
Do not share this password with anyone. 

You can change or recover your password at:

Advice on choosing a password

Passwords are the lock on the door to your data and are the first point of attack for anyone trying to steal that data. The University guidelines state a password should be made up from a mixture of :

  • English uppercase characters (A–Z)
  • English lowercase characters (a–z)
  • Numbers (0–9)
  • Non-alphanumeric characters (e.g. !, $, #)

Passwords should not be only a single dictionary or slang word nor should they be personal information such as names, pet names, maiden names, birthdays, car registration and similar personal data. Also do not reference hobbies such as football teams, actors, band names and the like.

Create and use ‘strong’ passwords - which are easy to remember and difficult to guess. Below are three strategies

Use a passphrase
A longer version of a password typically composed of multiple words: 

  1. Pick three short unrelated words: e.g. tree, witch, rock
  2. Capitalise the first letter of each word: Tree, Witch, Rock
  3. Separate each word using a punctuation symbol: Tree?Witch?Rock
  4. Add a number : Tree?Witch?R0ck

Use word association
e.g. Amazon - b00ks_&_DVD5 or B00K5//on=line

Use a song or poem
Mary had a little lamb, it’s fleece was white as snow.
This becomes: MHALLIFWWAS or mhall-IFWWA5

  • Never share your password with anybody. No reputable service representative will ask you for your password. This kind of attack is known as phishing, someone will pretend to be from your bank or payroll office or Service Desk and ask for the password. This will never be required by a legitimate organisation.
  • All modern mobile devices will allow you to protect your data with a secure pin or password. We encourage everyone to use this feature.
  • Use different passwords for different systems
  • If you have been given administrator access to a system, only use this log in when you are required to perform a task which requires your access privileges to be raised.

Creating accounts for new members of staff

All University of Portsmouth staff receive a computer account that enables access to University computer facilities. This account has to be requested by a nominated person from your department, if you have not received your staff account details you will need to contact the person in your area responsible for applying for your account. A list of account requesters for your department can be found below.


Please note: This list will not change unless prompted by individual departments. Please contact the service desk with requests for access and revised listings. 

Account requesters by department

Campus Service

Rachael Geary
David Goodwin
George Heir
Nick Leach


Cornelia Sherman

Curriculum And Quality Enhancement

Aaron Sayers

Department of Employability

Debra Birch
Tara Elson
Julie Bush


ie Reynolds
Shani Thirlwell


Gary Andrews
Russell Bissett
Martin Holwill
Dean Adams


Mark Gledhill
Jackie Powell
Andrew Redmond
Richard Simpson

Graduate School

Darren Van Laar
Heather Mackenzie

Human Resources Department

Hannah Lambert - (Executive Assistant)
Elaine Roberston (POD Administrator)
Amira Collins (CI Administrator)
Maria Ainsley (People Hub Manager)
Martin Dennison (People Hub Deputy Manager)
Vicky McClinktock (Recruitment Team)
Angela Harrison (Senior HRBP)

International College Portsmouth

Heidi Podd
Sinthoo Kongjaroen

International Office

Paul Langford
Anna Schulte

Marketing And Communications Department

Zoe Harding
Michelle Hodgkins
Marcella Kirby
Nicola Young


Fiona Loughran
Aisha Duvall

Research & Knowledge Transfer Services

Gloria Chan
Sarah Duckering

Sport and Recreation

Paul Tilley
Carl Athersuch
Stephan Konrad

Student Finance Centre

Laura Carpenter
Rachael Lyons

Technology Enhanced Learning

Richard Heath

Students Union

Laurie Jones

University Library

Louise Bennett

University Nursery

Francesca Sherren
Gloria Whitney


Nick Leach
David Livingstone

Accounting & Financial Management

Andrew Wood (Head)
Clare Skerritt

Economics & Finance

Homagni Choudhury (Head)(wef 1.10.21)
Sally Sullivan

Faculty Office

Amy Milton
Josephina Aha
Michelle Rowe
Laura Sholo-Douglas
Anne Luddy

Human Resource Management & OS

Gary Rees (Head)
Sally Walpole


Phil McGowan (Head)
Clare Skerritt

Operation & Systems Management

Mark Xu (Head)
Jane Stewart

School of Law

Caroline Strevens (until 31.10.21)
Courtney Elkins


Paul Trott (Head)
Sally Walpole

Technical Services Unit

Aron Truss


Lisa Doody

School of Art, Design and Performance

David Leefe Kendon
Rachael Wisniak

Creative and Cultural Industries

Tracey-Jane Cuckow
Sarah Parham
Peta Tattersall

Creative Technologies

Sam Lyons

Institute of Industrial Research

David Brown

School of Media and Performing Arts

Paula Heiron

HSS Faculty Office

Anne Luddy


Phil Clements
Kellie Diggins
Debbie Wilkins
Paul Norman


Kim Collins


Katrina Mills
Katherine Clark


Charlotte Ayes-Hill
Lou Licourinos

Dental Academy

Sophie Dampier
Georgina Budgen

Faculty of Science and Health

Susan Wallace
Lauren Cummings

Environment, Geography and Geosciences

Kerrie Petty

Pharmacy & Biomedical Sciences

Nikki Heath


Erin Mills

Biological Sciences

Stephanie Johnson

Health and Care Professions

Katie Dou

Sport & Exercise Science

Katie Kennedy

  • School of Computing
  • School of Civil Engineering and Surveying
  • School of Energy and Electronic Engineering
  • School of Mechanical and Design Engineering
  • Department of Maths and Physics
  • Liongate Hub

Allison Gordo
Hannah Harris
Sue Richardson
Tracey Chivers
Ashley Bridle

Faculty Office

Alison Elliott
Hannah Horwood


Kieran Young

Learning at Work

Mandy Strahan

Staff Leaver's IT Checklist

  • IT Advice for staff who are leaving the University
  • Procedure for the line manager to follow on leaving date.

Computer accounts for visitors

Wireless (eduroam) accounts

A temporary account will allow visitors to connect their devices to the University internet but will NOT allow logins to University PCs. When requesting accounts for visitors, ensure you enter the full name(s) of each visitor and an expiry date. To request visitor account(s) click on the self-service form below:

Request a visitor account

For a guide on how to connect a device to eduroam, click here

Windows (PC login) accounts

These accounts allow visitors to login to University PCs (with limited access) but will NOT allow logins to wireless. To request log in accounts click on the self-service form below:

Request a temporary computer account