Contact centre is the automated phone call management service that is utilised by the IS service Desk and Myport Hub helpdesks. It serves to distribute incoming calls across those logged into the Cisco Finesse Phone Agent. This is a web-based service.

This video below will provide walkthroughs on installation and use.


Contact Centre for Softphones


If you are using a physical handset you will only need to sign into Cisco Finesse which can be found at:

If you do not have a desk phone or are working offsite, you will need to be signed into Cisco Jabber before signing into Finesse. Your Jabber profile will be configured so you can take MyPort phone calls. All you need to do is login with your single sign on credentials.


Jabber can be downloaded from AppsAnywhere.

When using the web-based agent Cisco Finesse, please use the Firefox logo Firefox web browser - This has been found to be the most stable browser and negates unexpected behaviour we have seen with Chrome/Edge/Safari.

Firefox will be preloaded on University devices, for any other device it can be downloaded from

  1. From within the Firefox Browser click the link below to navigate to Finesse. You may want to bookmark this:
  2. At the log in screen, sign in using your University username and password e.g. BloggsJ - Please note both are case sensitive.
    Enter also your extension number which will have been previously configured for your use with this system.

    Please be aware that those using Jabber will need to sign in first for the Finesse log in to work.
  3. Once you have signed in to Finesse you will see the dropdown box where you can go Ready and Not Ready.

    By going Ready it puts you into your HUB queue. When you receive a phone call it will ring where you can answer the call in this application (not Jabber).

    By putting yourself into any of the Not Ready states it will take you out of the queue and you will not receive a phone call until you select Ready

When a call comes through please answer the call through the Finesse application, not Jabber. Accept the call by pressing the green call accept button.

Always try and let the customer hang up first when you finish the call. If it has been a few seconds after the phone call and the call has not ended then feel free to disconnect the call with the red button.

Answering using Finesse



Placing the Caller on Hold

  1. If you need to place the caller on hold click the button in the call screen. While on hold you can still create a new phone call which will appear in it's own heading underneath the original and will have separate control buttons
  2. To resume the phone call and take the caller off hold, click on Retrieve.

Call on hold



Transferring the Phone Call

There are two ways to transfer a call, Direct Transfer and Consult. Both of these have their own button in the call screen.

For Direct Transfer, enter the extension number required and select the green button. They will be directed to the next number as if they had rung the number themselves.

Direct Transfer



Consult functions by placing the original caller on hold, and starting a new call with the chosen number. You can use this function to speak to the third party before pressing the Transfer button to connect them with your caller.

Consult Transfer

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