You can restore files that have been accidentally deleted or saved over by following these instructions.


Finding and restoring a deleted file

  1. Double click on This PC, and navigate to where the missing/changed file was located.

    This PC window
  2. Right click on the white area in the folder and click Properties.

    The location of the missing file
  3. Click the Previous Versions tab, here you will see a list of folders. These folders are the same folder captured at different periods in time.

    Previous Versions tab in the Properties of the folder
  4. Select a time just before the file was deleted/changed and then click Open. This will open a previous version of the folder from the date and time specified.

    The snapshot of the window
  5. Find the file you have deleted or changed and simply drag it into the current version of the folder. You may also copy and paste the file if this is easier.
    1. Copy selected from the context menu of the missing file
    2. Paste selected from the context menu of the desitnation folder
    3. The missing file restored to the N drive


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