This article contains information for University staff only.

The K drive is used to store shared files and is viewable by authorised users. You can also use Google Drive to share documents.


The K drive on a PC

To access the K drive on a standard University desktop PC, select This PC on the Desktop.


Request K drive rights

The K drive request form should be completed by the applicant which will then prompt your line manager for authorisation during the process. To request rights to the K: drive, please complete the form below.

Request K drive rights


Restoring files

The K drive is backed up regularly, you can easily restore files using the guidance in the article below.

Restoring K drive files


Remote access to the K drive

You can access the K drive wherever you are (on or off campus) by choosing the appropriate article below:

Windows 10 macOS Linux


Help with the K drive

Please contact the Service Desk if you are:

  • not sure where to save your files
  • concerned about who has access to a particular area
  • wanting any advice on using the K drive


Corporate documents

Corporate shared documents must be stored within the Electronic Records Management System (eRecords). For further guidance on storing your work, please see here.


For help regarding this article contact IT Support.