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Affixa is a Windows program which runs as a tray application.

Affixa running in the tray

The application automatically handles mail creation requests from ‘mailto:’ links on webpages and other applications such as eRecords system. It will create a new draft e-mails in the user’s web-based e-mail account.

The program is installed from the Software Center (Start > Microsoft Endpoint Manager > Software Center) and is preconfigured to connect to the logged-in user’s University Google Mail account via their default web browser.

The application will start to work as soon as the installation is complete but the tray icon will not appear until the system is next rebooted.
The application will take between 45 and 60 seconds to startup the first time it is run after installation. On subsequent calls the application will start in a much shorter time.
On first use the application may prompt the user to login to their Google Mail account and authorise the program to access Google Mail (this is only required once and in some cases may not be required at all).

There should be no need to configure any program options and the program should run automatically when required once it is installed. If required, the application options can be accessed either from the application folder in the start menu or by opening the application from the tray icon and selecting Options from the ‘Affixa’ drop-down.

If you do not have a default mail client elected when you click on a mailto (email) link on a website, you will be asked to choose a default application. Choose Affixa. Some of you may already have specified a default mail client, commonly MS Outlook. In which case proceed to the next section.


Changing the default mail client

  • On the Start menu, select Settings > Apps > Default apps You can also search for Default Apps from the start menu
  • Click on the setting for Mail
  • Select Affixa from the list


Browser Plug-ins

To ensure that existing Gmail tabs are reused when Affixa generates a new email message instead of opening opening a new tab you can install a browser extension.

Chrome Firefox


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