This article contains information for University staff only.

Your N drive is your own personal network file storage area. Your N drive is always available whenever you log into a standard build PC or Mac on campus.

University computers


You can access your N drive on a PC by double clicking the This PC icon on the desktop. The N drive is listed in the Network Location section:

N drive location in This PC


You can access your N drive on a Mac by selecting your home folder on the Finder sidebar.

N drive location on a Mac


Each member of staff has a quota of 20GB.

If you require your quota to be increased beyond 20GB this will need to be paid for, please contact the Service Desk to request a quote.

You can view your quota from a University PC by choosing This PC from the desktop, right clicking your N drive from the list of network drives and then selecting Properties. The General tab will show you the amount of space you are currently using and the amount of space you have left.

The General Properties of N drive which mostly display the free and used space

You can view your quota from a University Mac by selecting your N drive (home directory) from the sidebar and choosing File  Info (or cmd + i). After a few moments, the size of your N drive is shown in the Info window.

Restoring files

The N: drive is backed up regularly, you can easily restore files by following the guidance in the article below.

Restoring N: drive files

Your N drive from anywhere

You can access your N drive wherever you are by choosing a connection method from below:

Windows 10   macOS  Linux

Your N drive location

Occasionally you may need your N drive location. To find your N drive location use the find my drive tool.

Find my N: drive

System files

Your N drive contains vital system configuration files without which you will be unable to use the computer systems. The simple rule is: Do not delete any files or folders that you did not create.