This page contains resources designed to assist you in the use of AV equipment found in teaching and learning spaces as well as information on instructor led training. These resources include control panel instructions, visualiser information, troubleshooting and reporting faults.

For more information on the equipment, capacity and availability of Information Services managed teaching and learning spaces, please click here.

Instructor led training

IT training are available to provide a brief training session for staff who are new to using AV equipment in teaching and learning spaces, including the opportunity for participants to gain some hands on experience of the equipment. Although regular sessions are not currently scheduled, if you would like to attend a session then please email with your interest.

If you have any special requirements associated with your attendance at this event, please contact IT Training as soon as possible so we can make appropriate arrangements.


    University Teaching Rooms

    To view the teaching rooms in the University that are owned and maintained by Information Services: 

    1. Ensure you are using a wired connection or the VPN
    2. Click the button below

    Teaching rooms

    Users are not only able to see images of the rooms, but they can also see the specific makes of the equipment installed, find a link to instructional information and report problems and issues.

    Any requests for room bookings should be made to the Central Timetabling Unit. Contact details are available on their web pages.


    Visualiser and AV panel user guides

    AV Equipment User guides

    Troubleshooting Audio Visual Equipment

    Select a category below to view troubleshooting guides.

    Problem Solution
    The electric screen will not come down
    • Check the control panel is on
    • Where appropriate, ensure the [Source] or [Screen Down] button has been selected
    • Check if it is a manual screen which needs to be pulled down
    • Check if it is an electric screen controlled by a switch on the wall
    Problem Solution
    The projector does not work
    • Check the control panel is on and has warmed up (you may need to wait a minute)
    • Check the projector has a green light indicating it is powered
    • Check you have selected the correct source
    A lamp or filter warning message has appeared on screen
    • The message should disappear shortly, if it does not contact the IS Service Desk
    Problem Solution
    The PC does not work
    • Check the light on the PC indicates it is powered
    The PC displays an LDAP error when trying to log in
    • A re-boot of the PC may clear the problem
    The PC/laptop image is not projected
    • Check the correct source is selected
    • If trying to display the PC, ensure that there is not a laptop already connected to the system
    • If trying to display laptop, check the laptop is set to display a dual image. The command for this varies between models but is generally one of the function keys.
    No sound from the PC
    • Check the sound on the control panel has not been set to 'Mute' or low, e.g. '0'
    • Check the audio icon has not been muted
      • If muted a 'no entry' sign will be displayed next to the microphone icon in the system tray (usually in the bottom right hand side of the screen). Click on the icon to de-select the Mute option
    • Check there are no headphones plugged into the pc
    Problem Solution
    The Wolfvision unit has gone to sleep:
    • Press and hold the 'Power' button for 4 seconds to reactivate the unit.
    • The Wolfvision units automatically turn on/off as the arm is raised/lowered.
    No image appears (for Samsung visualisers):
    • Check the correct source is selected
      • In some rooms the 'INT/EXT' button is used to switch between a laptop and the visualiser
    • Check if the lens cap has been removed
    • Check the power green light is illuminated?
      • Turn on the panel power
    • Ensure the correct lamp illumination is selected, e.g. cycle through the settings to check
    • Check there is a cable connected to the 'output' located at the back of the visualiser
    The image is out of focus
    • If available, use the [AF] button to autofocus
    • If available, use the [+] and [-] buttons to focus
    Problem Solution
    The DVD/Bluray does not work
    • Check the panel is powered on and the correct source is selected
    • Check the 'Unit Powered' is on
    There is no sound from the DVD
    • Check the volume control has been appropriately adjusted
    Problem Solution
    The lighting levels will not adjust
    • Select the lighting button on the control panel before trying to adjust the levels
    • Check if the standard lighting switches on the wall can be used to override the panel

    Note: only in few rooms are the lighting levels operated by the control panels

    Problem Solution
    The desk microphone is not working
    • Check the panel is switched on
    • Check the microphone is not switched to 'mute'
    • If present, twist the ring near the bottom of the microphone

    Note: some of the microphones are only active for the users of the hearing loops

    The sound levels in our teaching rooms are set to the optimum levels for the size and layout of each room.



    Volume on the control panel
    • Check that the volume on the control panel is not muted
    • Set an appropriate volume by pressing the Vol+/Vol- button on the control panel.
    Source volume
    • For example if you are streaming a YouTube video ensure the volume on the player is at an appropriate level.
    PC Volume
    • Check that the volume on the PC is not muted and set at an appropriate level.
    Ensure Laptop Audio Cable is plugged in
    • To play audio you will need to plug in an audio cable
    • The cable may be attached to the VGA cable. If connecting a laptop to the AV system via a HDMI cable, audio is transferred via the HDMI cable. Please note that Information Services do not supply HDMI cables.
    • If there is not an audio cable in a room please notify service desk.
    Laptop Volume
    • Check that the volume on the laptop is not muted and is set at an appropriate level.
    For playing DVDs/Bluray
    • The audio is set to optimum levels at installation, therefore check volume on the control panel (see above).
    Source quality
    • If the volume of the source being played is low this can affect the audio volume in the room.

    Using Microphones

    Advice and troubleshooting information regarding the use of microphones in the IS managed teaching spaces.

    The majority of lectern microphones do not need any set up before use although some are equipped with an ON/OFF sliding ring on the microphone.

    Things to look out for: If you are not hearing any sound, check that the microphone volume is at an appropriate level on the control panel.

    Note: There may appear to be microphones on the lecterns but some of these are installed to work with the hearing loops and will not amplify your voice to the room.

    If there are lapel microphones supplied in the room they will already be set up to work. Ensure the pack is on and attach the lapel microphone near to your mouth in an area that will not be brushed or knocked. Clip the pack to your belt or place it in a pocket. Please ensure that the lapel microphone pack has been returned to the lectern when it is finished with.

    Things to look out for: Ensure the volume for the lapel microphone is at an appropriate level on the control panel and that the batteries are fully charged.

    Note: If you would like to use a lapel microphone, and one is not provided in the room, please contact your department specialists who can give you support and advice.

    Reporting faults

    If you are still unable to resolve your issue, please contact the Service Desk to report faults or request support: