For help managing your university account, finding available laptops and computer, and connecting from anywhere, our IT Support team are always on hand.

Get detailed guides on how to connect to the University VPN, access and download software, add credit to your printing account and more.

Need a computer? See our PC and laptop availability in real time.

Online IT induction

A short interactive course on the IT services available to you.

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Contact IT support

The IT support team are available to help by phone, email and chat.

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Study Anywhere

Find out how to connect to the University virtually, store your files online, attend online lectures and get IT training.

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Connecting to Campus WiFi

Find out how to connect to campus WiFi from any device – whether on campus, in your halls or across 70 other locations across Portsmouth.

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Accessing your email inbox

Find out how to access Gmail and the Google Apps Suite and set up email forwarding to another email client.

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Using University Computers and Laptops

Find out where to find available computers across campus, how to use them and how to borrow a laptop when you need one.

CCI Facilities; June 2019
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Guide to the Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Find out how to download and install our VPN so you can connect to University services even when you're off campus.

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Access and Download Software

Use our apps store, AppsAnywhere, to download essential software and find out what else is available to you while you're a student.



CCI Facilities; June 2019
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How to Store Your Files

Find out how to store your files online and on the University system, and how to recover lost files.

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Printing on campus

Find out where and how to print on campus, keep your printing credit topped up, and how to print large documents and posters.

CCI Facilities; June 2019
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Keep your university account safe and secure

Find out how to retrieve your account, change your password and set up 2-step verification.

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Get free IT training

Improve your digital skills for free with free training courses on Google, Excel, Word and more.

Technology Facilities; 31st May 2019
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Contact IT support

The IT Support team are available by email, phone and chat to help you get connected and stay online.

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PC availability in open access areas

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