13th December 2018CCI Facilities and Students

Your virtual introduction to university life

Discover online modules that will help you prepare for the year ahead

University can be a wonderful and exciting experience – but it's natural to feel nervous about the challenges involved.

Completing these online modules and watching a helpful video will give you a good idea of what to expect and how best to prepare for this new chapter of your life. The resources are available from the course pages on our upgraded virtual learning platform Moodle.

Values and Expectations of the University - module

This module on Academic Integrity provides 30 minutes of online interactive content designed to familiarise you with your responsibilities as a student at the University. The activities look at the importance of honesty in your University studies and how to avoid academic misconduct. You’ll learn why it’s important to acknowledge and respect the ideas and work of others and how to avoid plagiarism and collusion. There’s also an introduction to referencing using the APA 7th style, and guidance on research that will help you find good quality sources for your coursework.

It’s worth spending time on this module as it will help you avoid some of the common mistakes and set you on the right track to succeed in your studies.

Transitioning to University - module

The 'Transitioning to University' module contains around 2 hours of interactive online content and activities that will help you explore areas that can help you achieve a smoother, more confident transition into Higher Education. It looks at what you can expect from your HE experience and how it may differ from your prior learning, along with expectations of you and the skills you'll need to develop.

How to Learn Online - module

The 'How to Learn Online' module contains around 2 hours of interactive online content and activities that will help you explore key themes such as:

  • effective management of your studies
  • best practices for learning digitally
  • communication and collaboration
  • development of core academic skills
  • tips for assessments

Wellbeing for Learning - video

Understanding better how our human emotions have evolved is the starting point for learning skills for being a better friend to yourself and for building supportive networks with others which will help you succeed in your valued learning and life goals.

Learning Well

Accessing the modules

To do the modules, you’ll need to log onto Moodle - the University's virtual learning environment which hosts course learning materials and activities. Moodle is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and can be accessed via smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. If you're unsure how to use Moodle, see our guide.

  • Login to Moodle using your new University login credentials, which you will receive once you register on your course or re-register (if you’re a returning student). If you've not yet activated your student account, please activate it. Your username will consist of "UP" followed by your Student ID number (for example, UP1234567).
  • The dashboard page of Moodle will be displayed, listing your course and the modules you are enrolled on. Click your course page from the links provided. 
  • The Arrival and Induction Support section is the second section of your course page, with lots of useful information about coming to campus and starting the year. Press the small purple triangle to expand the section.
  • The 3 modules above appear in the blue boxes – simply follow the instructions under How to Get Started to access the content.