To help you succeed in your course, we've made sure you can access everything you need from wherever you are — on-campus or off-campus.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Connecting to the VPN allows you to access University services as if you were on campus. You will find more applications will be available through AppsAnywhere and you can connect to your network drives and library resources more easily.


AppsAnywhere is the University Apps store which allows students and staff to download software and apps for study and work – available anywhere, on and off campus, anytime.

If you're using a University Windows 10 computer, you can visit AppsAnywhere from the shortcut on the desktop.

Remote access to University computers

You can connect to physical computers within the University using Microsoft Remote Desktop. This means you are able to use one of the University computers remotely and use any of the software installed on that particular computer or via AppsAnywhere.

There are approximately 450 computers available for use and it works across many platforms, including Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, iOS and Android. You must be connected to the VPN to remotely access a University PC.

Find out how to get remote access to lab computers from your device.

Additional software

You can access additional software, such as Microsoft Office, if you can't find what you need on AppsAnywhere, and you don't want to connect remotely to University computers.

Find out how to access and download additional software.

University email

You can access your University email account from anywhere – just sign in with your University account using any web browser.


All students at the University of Portsmouth have a zoom license for meetings of up to 300 participants for an unlimited time. 

To sign in please visit

Google Meet

Google Meet is included with your student account. Visit to set up a meeting. 

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex can be used for video conferencing, online meetings, screen share and webinars and can provide full transcriptions. Sign on at Webex online.

Google Drive and Shared drives

You can sign in to Google Drive with your University account. Any shared drives you have access to will show in the Shared drives section in the menu on the left. You can find Google Drive from the app cube located in the top right of the page in Chrome.

N and K drives

Your N drive is your own personal network storage area, the K drive is a place to store departmental documents that you would like to be accessed by others. If you're connected to the university's VPN you can remotely access both N and K drives.

IT Training

Student IT Training can help you with your Microsoft and Google Suite questions whether you are in or off campus. We can:

  • Offer remote 1-2-1s or group sessions on a variety of subjects covered in our standard courses.
  • Provide suitable LinkedIn Learning links to assist with your requirements.

LinkedIn Learning

You have free access to LinkedIn Learning and over 16,600 courses on business, technical and creative skills.