Humanities and Social Sciences placement students

Marking and Feedback

What to expect after you've finished and submitted an assessment

There are many types of assessments, exams and coursework you may experience, depending on your course.

Here’s an outline of what you can expect when receiving your marks and feedback, which can also be found in more detail in our marking and feedback regulations.

Checks and verification

We have a number of checks in place to ensure your work is marked fairly and accurately and that you receive constructive feedback to help you improve for the future. This includes:

  • Anonymous marking - this is so that the marker doesn't see your name. Where possible, all your assessments will be marked anonymously although sometimes this can't be achieved, such as presentations or individual final year projects.
  • Verification of the marks by a second academic - there will always be another academic who looks through a selection of work on a module to ensure that the marks awarded reflect the quality of the work submitted. This can include double blind marking, so the two markers don’t know what the other has awarded before they agree on a final mark and feedback.
  • Plagiarism checks - this might include submitting your work through Turnitin. It is important that we know the work we are marking is original and is your own.

When and where to find your marks and feedback 

Feedback on your assessments

Feedback is important to help explain where your work is strongest and how any improvements could be made going forward. This could be informal conversations within your classes and with your tutors, or written feedback on drafts of work, from mock exams or group feedback. You should discuss your feedback with your module coordinator. 

Feedback on formal assignments will be available within 20 working days of your submission deadline. Typically this will be within 4 weeks but it will depend on the time of year, for example it will be longer when the University is closed for Christmas. For distance learners, feedback will be available within 25 working days. 

You can find your feedback within Moodle Assignments or Turnitin Assignments. The formal assessments which count towards your final grade will be displayed clearly under the “Assessments” tab at the top of your Moodle module pages.

If your feedback is unexpectedly delayed, your Module Coordinator will  tell you why and when you will receive your feedback.

Exam marks and grades

Initially you will receive a provisional mark or grade which could be changed or moderated by the Module Assessment Board. This can vary, but typically you should receive your provisional exam marks within 20 working days on your Student View in the Assessment Tables section. You’ll receive an email when your final marks are confirmed.