A graphic with two split faces with the text 'Dignity & Respect'

A community based on dignity and respect

We are determined to create a community based on dignity and respect where everyone is able to thrive free from harassment and bullying.

We want you and fellow students to feel valued and respected and able to study in a discrimination-free environment that promotes equality of opportunity and where difference is valued and respected by all - different voices, one community.

Our campaign across campus champions our Student Charter and highlights unacceptable behaviours and ensures students know where to report them via our Report and Support tool.

As part of our Dignity and Respect Campaign, the Students’ Union and the University are launching Consent Week (6-10 May) - to raise awareness about the importance of consent for any sort of sexual activity. 

We want every student here at Portsmouth to feel safe and supported. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and harassment of any kind is never okay.

What is consent?

Consent is when you give permission for something to happen including in your sexual relationships.

Just because you give permission for one thing to happen, like a kiss, doesn't mean you've automatically consented to other kinds of sexual behaviour. The same goes for your partner – always ask, never presume. It's important that everyone involved in any type of sexual activity has freely and enthusiastically given their full consent.

And you're allowed to change your mind – don't feel you must continue if you don't want to and do let your partner know you're not happy to carry on. Here is more information on what enthusiastic consent looks like - and what it doesn’t look like.

Consent Week bannerWhat’s happening in Consent Week?

  • 8 May - Microlearning - all students except first years will receive a microlearning course with easy to remember advice on harassment and sexual misconduct delivered via text message and email by our partners GoodCourse (first year students have already received this course as part of their pre-arrival programme in September 2023 and January 2024).
  • 10 May - SHAGfest - drop by at the Sexual Health and Guidance (SHAG) festival from 10.00am to 4,00pm at the Students’ Union Common Room for info, free stuff and fun including tote bag painting, bracelet making, body positivity mirror, pub quiz, pledge board - and free pizza!  
  • All week - Sexual Violence Support - we’ve updated our sexual violence support webpage offering clearer advice on where to get urgent and long term support. There will also social media posts throughout the week to raise awareness about the importance of consent. 

Student Charter

We want you to value the people you meet, and be a role model in the ways you treat people with respect, equity and dignity as part of our Student Charter, which outlines your responsibilities as a member of our community. Please read the Charter and be an advocate. 

Do you know the SCORE at Portsmouth?


Seek out and nurture strong support networks and partnerships to help meet your academic, career, and personal needs


Play your part in welcoming others into diverse, inclusive, global and local communities where ideas are shared, opinions are sought, and views are valued


Embrace challenges, be intellectually curious, and seize the broad range of opportunities provided within and beyond the curriculum


Value the people you meet and the places where you study, work, and live; be a role model in the ways you treat people with respect, equity and dignity


Commit wholeheartedly to a stimulating learning environment, provide and respond to timely and constructive feedback, and push the boundaries of your subject

Report and Support Tool

We want you to use our Report and Support tool to report any issue of harassment, bullying, hate or violence involving or affecting someone who is a member of the University community issues can be made anonymously and by witnesses as well as those who have experienced issues – we want every incident to be recorded, and to ensure that everyone gets the right support.

Report an issue

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