Female University of Portsmouth student studying with friends

Where to study on campus

Explore the many spots around campus where you can study in peace

There are plenty of places across our campus where you can take your books and concentrate on your studies.

From the University library to one of our many on-campus cafes, find out more about where to go when you need to concentrate on an assignment.

Groups of students studying in the library

University Library

The University Library is a central space for study, research and support. There are meeting pods, tables across the floors for solo work, and plenty of open access computers.

There is currently a booking system in operation in the Library for study spaces.

Third space

Students' Union

Our Students' Union building Third Space – a casual, open plan area that's perfect for a spot of relaxed studying.

Social learning spaces on campus

As well as these, there are lots of spots across campus buildings where you can sit and work:


Building Location Capacity
Buckingham Building Ground floor 2
  Floor 01 24
  Floor 02 22
Eldon Building Ground floor atrium 24
  Second floor South 28
Future Technology Centre Floor 01 30
  Floor 02 14
King Henry Building Ground floor 22
  1.05 17
Lion Gate Building Maths Cafe 40
  Reception area 2
Milldam Building LA block 2nd floor 10
  LC block reception 3
  LC block 1st floor outside of lifts 2
  LC block 1st floor outside of lifts 5
  LC block 3rd floor outside of lifts 5
  LC block 3rd floor 1
Park Building Building Basement 0.14, 0.15 and 0.17 15
  Learning Resource Centre 30
Portland Building Atrium 28
  1.28 13
  Floor 2 balcony 8
Richmond Building Ground Floor 20
  Atrium 1st floor 15
  Atrium 2nd floor 15
St Michael's Building New wing floor 01 outside lifts 5
  New wing floor 02 outside lifts 3
  New wing floor 04 outside lifts 3
  New wing floor 05 outside lifts 3
Student Centre Building Waterhole Bar area 37
  Ground floor coffee shop 13
  1st floor Third Space 97
University Learning Centre Building 1.28 4
White Swan Building Floor 03 outside rooms 5