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Academic Tutors

Our academic tutors can help you with specific module content and with learning and developing key skills you need to make the most of your studies

Our Academic Tutors provide support to all undergraduate students in the Faculty of Technology.

We specialise in modules of study and help you to develop your general academic skills.

We provide support on a one-to-one basis or in small groups, face-to-face or online.

Visit the Faculty of Technology Academic tutors' page on Moodle to book a session. If you have any questions, email

Accordian Panel

Our specialist Academic Tutor for computing-related subjects is Eleni Noussi.

Eleni offers tutorials supporting students with their programming skills (in C, Python, Java) and other computing-related topics.

Email or book a session via our Moodle page.

Our Academic Tutors for engineering sciences subjects are Steve Bundy, Inka Godfrey, Eleni Noussi and Ali Mahmood..

They can help with any modules relating to the mechanics and physics of engineering, from the principles of engineering sciences to working with algorithms, equations and formulae.

Email, or, or book a session via our Moodle page.

Our specialist maths Academic Tutors are Kirsten Williams and Inka Godfrey.  Kirsten and Inka support engineering, computing, physics and mathematics students in the Faculty of Technology to develop their mathematical skills. They provide support in Matlab and topics ranging from trigonometry to differential equations and other mathematical subjects. 

Email or, or book a session via our Moodle page.

Maths Café is available to all University of Portsmouth students.

It doesn't matter what degree you're doing, you can get help from us. Our tutors enjoy solving mathematical problems and sharing our knowledge and experience with you. No problem is too trivial and we'll always do our best to help.

Find out more.

Our Academic Tutor with a specialism in the field of surveying is Ali Mahmood. He supports students in the School of Civil Engineering and Surveying, helping with subjects such as CAD/BIM, professional development and construction design and sustainability.

Email, or book a session via our Moodle page.

As well as your individual Personal Tutor, our Student Engagement Officers provide personal support and advice to students across the Faculty of Technology.

You can see one of our officers for a confidential chat about a particular problem you might be experiencing or to get advice about using the services available to you.  They may also be in touch with you throughout the term to see if you need any support following non-submissions in your assessments / drop in engagement with your studies.

Some of the areas they offer advice on include:

  • Integrating into your course / the University and understanding our processes and procedures
  • Wellbeing, stress, motivational problems
  • Signposting for financial, housing and disability support
  • Assisting with Extenuating Circumstance Forms (ECF)

The Student Engagement Officers operate independently from your course staff, so should you be unable to raise your concern with your Personal Tutor - they're a great place to seek advice.

They're based in the Academic Tutors and Student Placements Office in Portland Building room 0.32 (on the ground floor next to the lifts) and can also meet you online.

For further support with general academic skills such as time-planning, writing and referencing, the Academic Skills Unit (ASK) is available to all University of Portsmouth students.