There are a variety of factors which can contribute to sleep problems, including noise, late nights, and variable routines. For some people, sleep difficulties can trigger or accompany more serious issues such as stress, anxiety, low mood or depression.

If you are having persistent difficulties with sleep then it is advisable to seek help. Consult your GP if your daily functioning is significantly affected and let your personal tutor or course leader know if your difficulties are affecting your studies.

For good health and wellbeing, it is important to try to develop healthy routines, with regular meals, exercise and sleep times. You can learn skills to help you tackle sleep problems, and there is a lot of advice and other support available.

Library books

The University library has copies of the following books which could be useful:

  • Brown, L - The Insomniac's Best Friend - 616.849/BRO
  • Burgess, M et al - Self-Help for Nightmares - 154.632/BUR
  • Espie, C - Overcoming Insomnia and Sleep Problems - 616.849/ESP
  • Idzikowski, C - Learn to Sleep Well - 154.62/IDZ

Other resources

If you would like to research more around the topic of sleep, the Student Wellbeing Service can recommend the following self-help resources:

NHS booklets on sleep and other common difficulties

This page links to a series of booklets providing information and self-help activities to learn skills for common issues, including sleep, stress, anxiety, low mood, and depression.

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Sleep Problems

Brief MIND leaflet detailing things that can disrupt sleep patterns with tips for improving sleep.

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Mental Health Foundation Wellbeing Sleep Podcasts

Free downloadable audio podcasts to help you relax, sleep and improve your general sense of wellbeing. They're designed to fit around your lifestyle and provide an introduction to the skills and techniques that can help you live a mentally healthier life.

Other self-help resources

Take a look at our other self-help resources.

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