Problems with confidence and self-esteem affect most people at one time or another. If you have persistently low self-esteem or problems with confidence, there's a lot that can be done to address it and build confidence.

It is always advisable to let your personal tutor or course leader know if you are having difficulties affecting your studies – they are there to help, and can offer useful advice and support. Consult your GP if you are feeling persistently low, or if your difficulties are significantly affecting your daily functioning.

You can learn skills to help tackle low self-esteem, and there is a lot of other support available.

Library books

The University library has copies of the following books which could be useful:

  • Fennell, M - Overcoming Low Self-Esteem - 155.232/FEN
  • Harris, R - The Confidence Gap - 150.198/HAR
  • Lindenfield, G - Self-Esteem - 158.1/LIN

Other resources

If you would like to research more around the topic of self-esteem and confidence, the Student Wellbeing Service can recommend the following self-help resources:

How to Increase Your Self-Esteem

MIND leaflet describing the experience and possible causes of low self-esteem and ways in which it can be built up.

Read leaflet

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem

Comprehensive set of workbooks from the Centre for Clinical Interventions, an Australian specialist public mental health service, aimed at understanding and improving low self-esteem.

Visit website

Other self-help resources

Take a look at our other self-help resources.