B Roll Day 2

Our programme to update our structures and staffing

A message from Sherria Hoskins, University Provost

Monday 20 May 2024

I am writing to provide you with an update on the University’s Academic Reset programme, but would first like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best during this assessment period. Colleagues across the University are fully behind you, and remember to make the most of the support and wellbeing care that is available should this be helpful. 

As you may know the University is currently undertaking an Academic Reset programme, which has two key purposes. First is to rebalance our academic staff numbers to reflect changes in student numbers, teaching intensity, and research innovation income, ensuring that whatever programme area students are studying they have the right level of staffing support. Second is to ensure that we are utilising the income we receive from student fees as efficiently as possible by reducing duplicated leadership and administrative workloads through the merger of school management structures. 

A proposal outlining the plans for new structures and staffing arrangements was shared with staff that could be impacted by the changes for their feedback. This collective consultation ran for 64 days, ending on 7 May, and subsequently we made a number of alterations to the proposals as a result of the valuable feedback from staff. 

The reviewed proposal has now been approved by the University Executive Board, and the programme now moves onto the next stage. Affected staff have been notified with details on next steps, and we will continue to support them and liaise with trade union groups.

At the conclusion of the Academic Reset programme, I will write again to provide a written update on the changes that have been implemented, the clear intention being that there will be minimal or no impact on your positive University experience.