Product designer and co-founder of The Makers' Guild

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Ming Wu

To be an Entrepreneur in Residence is a great idea, validating the excuse to learn more in a different capacity and with the opportunity of sharing my somewhat unconventional experiences.

Ming Wu, Co-founder of The Makers' Guild

Ming Wu is the co-founder of Portsmouth's Makers' Guild, the city's only maker and craft co-working space.

Ming is an experienced designer, specialising in product and industrial design.

Naturally talented at setting up new projects, connecting diverse people and developing creative spaces, Ming has a strong ethical stance on both business and the environment. During the first phase of the Coronavirus lockdown in 2020, Ming was involved in a project to design, develop, produce and ship over 27,000 sets of PPE. He's also helped to develop an app called Jetsam that helps the public contribute to solving the issue of plastic waste on our beaches and in our public spaces.

Ming offers particular expertise in:

  • Product design
  • Prototyping
  • Interaction design
  • Near-future technology forecasting

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