Medical Doctor, High Performance Coach & Educator, Wellness Entrepreneur at Empowered Global

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It is my deep belief that knowledge in action is the foundation of transformative impact. As such, it is an honour to serve as an Entrepreneur in Residence at the University of Portsmouth to call staff and students to a higher place in their journey of growth and possibility. May we live it to the full, participate with authenticity, contribute from the depths of our soul and work smarter to make a lasting difference for our community, for our city, for our world.

Dr Alisha Damani, Empowered Global

Medical Doctor, certified High Performance Coach, Wellness Entrepreneur, award-winning speaker with a TEDx talk in her portfolio and Founder of Empowered Global, Dr Alisha effortlessly bridges the gap between health and high performance for leaders and organisations looking to elevate their service and impact through the core foundations of human optimisation.

Aside from practising as a doctor in the NHS, she delivers wellness through her medically-driven IV therapy private clinic and coaches healthcare professionals on living beyond their job titles, having interviewed multiple doctor-entrepreneurs on her podcast.  She has spoken on global stages and delivered keynotes on career growth and identity, the art and science of exponential performance, empowerment through stress and burnout, workplace wellness and leading with impact.

Dr Alisha Damani can offer particular expertise in:

  • Health and performance education with an emphasis on health optimisation, overcoming burnout, stress and overwhelm

  • High performance coaching and mentorship (individual, leadership and organisational/business performance)

  • Workplace wellbeing

  • Career empowerment and professional identity

  • Self-mastery/personal development in the context of profession

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