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I’m delighted to be able to return to my old university and help students in the same position as I was 10 years ago to start on their entrepreneurship journey. It can be extremely rewarding and I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge, and hopefully increasing the chances of success for budding entrepreneurs.

Barry Moore, Entrepreneur in Residence

Barry co-founded his first business, Party Hard Travel, with fellow Portsmouth alumni Nathan Cable during his final year at university .

Together they generated multi-million pound revenue and attracted over 15,000 customers per year before Barry left the business during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Since then he has been setting up his new tour operator, Touring Highlights, which now operates in over 30 countries., Touring Highlights offers semi-private tours with cultural and historical excursions and activities on nearly every day of your holiday. 

Barry specialises in behind the scenes parts of a business, including business operations and automation, working with data, reporting, finances and profitability.

Barry Moore offers expertise in:

  • Business operations

  • Data automation

  • Lead generation

  • SEO

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