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Make connections in the community

There are loads of ways you can get out and about in the city and meet people

When you’re at uni, there are loads of ways to meet like-minded students, like joining societies, signing up to free language classes, or dropping into your halls’ socials.

But there are also lots of ways you can get out and about in the city and meet many more people that you have things in common with.

Familiarise yourself with our Island City, expand your network of friends and contacts and get involved with groups and projects that look great on your CV.


Volunteering with like minded people feels good, boosts your CV, and means you get to be involved in some fantastic projects.

You could help run a local cinema, teach children in schools to read, or put the skills you’ve learned on your course to help with a good cause.

Find local volunteering opportunities through the University’s Careers team.

Join a community group

Portsmouth has a range of diverse communities and groups which are great sources of information and support networks. They're often looking for volunteers, running events, or can offer you help and guidance from others with similar experiences.

Find out more about the cultural and faith groups in the wider city through HIVE.


Local events

MeetUp and Eventbrite are great websites for finding out what’s on locally in the city, including free or cheap events, workshops, and courses. Network with young professionals, join a book club, join a photography club and more

Sports and activities

No matter what activity you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a club or group locally offering you the chance to stay active and well. As well as the clubs on offer from our own Sports and Recreation team, there are plenty of affordable activities happening locally.

Local ParkRun and GoodGym clubs give you the chance to join social runs, and volunteer in the local community.

Elsewhere Portsmouth is home to local sports clubs ranging from archery and badminton to volleyball and wrestling. Search online to find a club that suits you

Find others who share your hobbies

Whatever you’re passionate about, or whatever hobbies you’re interested in exploring, you’ll probably be able to find a class or group in Portsmouth you can get involved in.

If it's board games you’re into, there are weekly social gaming sessions at Dice Board Games lounge, or if you want to sample salsa, there are social salsa dancing sessions on Elm Grove.

Search online to find events near you.

Get crafty and learn a new skill

Portsmouth has a thriving creative scene, and there are lots of different workshops available throughout the year that you can get involved in.

Learn to knit, design your own ceramic pot, sip a cocktail while painting Portsmouth’s skyline, or become a pasta-making pro.

These workshops help you learn or develop some skills to impress your mates and meet others in a sociable atmosphere.



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