January 2020

Staff, students and general public needed for research study

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You'll need to lie or tell the truth about a mission that you will complete.

You will be recruited as a secret agent and you will be instructed to complete a covert mission. Once you have completed the mission you will be instructed to either lie or tell the truth in an interview.

You will be rewarded £10 for taking part and you may be entered into a prize draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher

What will participants be doing?

Complete a covert mission and then be instructed to lie or tell the truth about the mission in an interview.


Approximately 45 minutes.


You can sign up by clicking on the link below or by contacting the researcher at danielle.chandler@port.ac.uk.

Sign up

If you have any questions, you should contact Danielle Chandler at danielle.chandler@port.ac.uk.

Participant characteristics:

  • staff, students and the general public
  • any gender
  • aged 18+


Participants will receive £10 for their time and may enter a draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher.


Department of Psychology, King Henry's Building, King Henry I Street, Portsmouth, PO1 2DY, and to complete the mission to another nearby University building.

Closing date

30 June 2023.

Ethics code: SHFEC 2022-091