18 December 2020

2 min read

With the staggered return of students to meet government guidelines we will not be having the start to 2021 that we would wish.

While we are ensuring that you are able to continue your studies online through this period, the disruption may be leaving some of you feeling anxious about the upcoming assessment period.

Therefore the no detriment practices that were put in place in the previous academic year will be extended to cover this academic year.  

Examples of adjustments to assessments

For example, a student who needs additional time due to the need to self-isolate or as a result of caring responsibilities can have this granted through the extenuating circumstances process. Students who who have issues with their computer equipment or need to undertake employment in a key profession, can also submit extenuating circumstances, or if necessary push their assessment back to a later date without detriment.

Our Exam Boards will also have flexibility when assessing each student’s performance to ensure their marks are not adversely affected by circumstances beyond their control. You can also approach the Students’ Union Advice Service for advice and guidance on this process.

This series of measures will ensure no student is disadvantaged by the pandemic and the ongoing uncertainty it is causing.

Where we can, we have already moved all assessments online, only those requiring essential face-to-face assessment remain as in person assessments. 

Support to help you through the assessment period 

If you are anxious or have concerns about the forthcoming assessment period I urge you to contact the support services that are available to you. Your Personal Tutors, who are best placed to help you with any specific concerns you may have, will also be able to support you following the Christmas break.