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Whether you have a clear and definite idea of your future career, or you are completely at a loss of what to do after graduating, volunteering can help provide experience, insight and self-fulfilment.

By trying out different opportunities, you can gain valuable experience that can be added to your CV, or provide an insight as to which path you might want to take in the future. Our roles include working with children, technology, vulnerable adults or working outside in the elements. By putting yourself in a different environment and meeting new people, you can find your passion or build your network of like-minded people. Helping others and building community can also be beneficial for your mental health, giving you a boost in confidence and creating a “helpers high”.

The Volunteering Team works hard to find exciting and reputable not-for-profit organisations in the Portsmouth area ensuring that their opportunities are safe, convenient and interesting for you. We currently work with over 150 organisations and have around 120 roles currently on our website. Most of our opportunities ask for a minimum of one hour of volunteering a week for a minimum of three months. This makes it easy to fit around your studies or part-time roles.

You can browse and apply for roles on MyCareer, or book an appointment with a member of the Volunteering Team who can give advice and pick out opportunities that you connect with.