The best international restaurants to eat at in Portsmouth

Best international restaurants in Portsmouth

International Student Ambassador, Anja Owona Okoa, talks about her favourite international restaurants

  • 25 September 2020
  • 9 min read
This blog is written by 1 of our International Student Ambassadors, Anja Owona Okoa. 

Bubble & Pho – Albert Rd

My all-time favourite restaurant in Portsmouth is Bubble & Pho. It's on Albert Road by the crossroads which leads to Francis Avenue, very close to a U1 bus stop.

The first time I went was with one of my best friends who came to visit me in Portsmouth. We both love Asian cuisine and we decided to try out this place I'd been eyeing many times from the university bus. Thank goodness we did.

There's so much to like about this place. From the white and orange walls, tables and chairs, portion sizes, to the heavenly pho and bubble tea. The pho here is delicious and tastes so close to authentic Vietnamese pho! The staff are also very friendly.

As for the prices, it's restaurant prices so expect to pay just under £15 for 1 course and a drink. The bubble tea is just £3.50, which is surprisingly cheap for a medium/large cup of bubble tea in the UK. It's delicious and there's a variety of flavours to choose from. They do take-away as well. Here's a photo of my takeaway, so you can see the portion sizes.

Melody's Chinese Buffet – Commercial Road

This is a good Chinese buffet at the top of Commercial Road, just past McDonald’s and Taco Bell. I love going here with my friends. We're always looking for new places to eat and one day after our lectures we discovered this little spot and have been there quite a few times since. For about £8, you can eat as much Chinese as you'd like. The taste is perhaps not the most authentic but quantity is definitely the focus for this place!

Personally, I love their duck pancakes, egg noodles and the sweet and sour chicken so I'll just have plates upon plate of those. There's also a little bit of dessert if you have room, a chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruit. Overall it's great for groups, close to the university and will leave you full to the brim!

El Toro – Osborne Road

An awesome place to have Mexican-style food, although I'm not sure how authentic it is as I didn't order the traditional dishes like tacos – I'm not even sure if they were on the menu. I didn't even have time to take a photo of my food because it was just that tasty. My friends and I, a group of about 8 of us, weren't even talking because we were so busy just eating. 

Their food is delicious. The customer service is fantastic and the price is between £13–15 for the main course, so expect to be spending up to £25 if you want starters and desserts and drinks. That being said, although I have a huge appetite, I was full with just the meal and dessert and spent about £22. They also accept tastecards (an additional option you can get when ordering your NUS card).

Also I'd encourage you to wear nice clothes when you visit because you'll definitely want to take some pictures in front of the beautiful paintings on their walls.

The Akash – Albert Road

My go-to spot for Indian cuisine in Portsmouth! It's near the U1 bus stop opposite Zam Zam Estates. They serve delicious and authentic Indian food, you simply can’t go wrong with a curry here.

It's all served on pristine white tablecloths and plates. The food also comes out in silver dishes so it gives you a very official restaurant feel. You can dress up to come here or you can just wear nice jeans and a top! The customer service here is also amazing and they'll make you want to come back! And if that wasn’t good enough, they also have a student discount where you can get a full meal for just £9!