Research Title: Experiences of Home for Occupants of the Purpose Built Student Accommodation Sector: A Case Study of Privately Owned Halls of Residence in Portsmouth

Survey Title: Student Experiences of the PBSA in Portsmouth

Department: Portsmouth Law School

I am undertaking research on student experiences of living in halls of residence in Portsmouth. I am interested in speaking to first-year students living in Stanhope House, Trafalgar Hall, Rosalin Franklin, Margaret Rule, Greetham Street, Catherine House and Chaucer House and students who lived in Crown Place last year (2018/19) whilst in their first year.

Volunteers must be

Age: Over 18
Gender: Either
Staff/Student: Student

More Information

Dates: 30 January 2020 - 30 March 2020
Duration: 30-45 minutes
Location: Anglesea 1.44

If you would like more information, contact Emily Walsh at

This testing has been reviewed by the Science Faculty ethics committee and been given the following ethics code: 2019-48