As part of Student Volunteering Week, it is only fitting to share the successes of one of our startup businesses who, with the help of trusted volunteers, has been providing support to the local community free of charge over the past 3 years.

John Ryder is a current postgraduate student studying MSc in Criminal Justice. During the first year of his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice and Criminology. John set up his own company LSC Lifestylechoices.

LSC Lifestylechoices is a charity offering a wide range of services within the Portsmouth and the surrounding community, supporting others to support themselves with all issues ranging from domestic violence to debt support, family court support to career empowerment and so much more. LSC is an award-winning charity and their work has been recognised for the difference it makes to people’s lives.

Our Plans for the future are to continue helping people help each other through our community based structure and service we hope to empower others across communities to become lifestyle champions in their communities using our format and structure.

I was emailed [by the startup team] on my first year of Uni, I went and met them then never looked back from that point. student start up became my second home. There just aren't enough words to describe how much they helped my start up , always there for guidance support , when the tough times kick in there for a friendly chat . signposting you on to opportunities ,channelling your ideas, helping you network , pulling out the potential you don't realise you have. Student start up are an amazing team and a glowing light of success for Portsmouth university.

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