Sketchy Memories: True and false accounts of insurance claims

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Participants will tell the truth or lie in a remote interview about property loss, theft or accidental damage within the last 24 months

  • 16 February 2021
  • 3 min read

The study will involve participants either lying or telling the truth about accidental damage, loss or theft within the last 24 months. Participants will first be asked to complete a questionnaire about their motivation and preparation and will then be interviewed about the incident. The interview will be done remotely via Zoom and will be recorded. A follow up questionnaire and a detailed debrief will be the final stage of the study. You do not need to prepare anything for this study, though you may need some A4 paper and a pencil/pen. You also need to make sure you have access to a laptop/desktop with a webcam and a built-in microphone and speaker.

Participants will receive 1 participant pool course credit or £10 (whichever you choose) and entry into a draw to win £50, £100 or £150 Amazon vouchers as a thank you for their time.

This study has been given a favourable opinion by SHFEC Ethics Committee: SHFEC 2020-086.

Project end date


Time-commitment required

30-45 minutes


If you are interested in taking part in this study please email the Research Assistant directly:, and you will be sent a participant information sheet so you can discover more and determine whether you would like to take part.

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