Resources available to support students affected by or wanting to learn more about racism

A range of resources is available for students wanting to learn more about how racism affects others and what we can all do to tackle it. 

Books, interviews and videos to learn more

The following writers and commentators’ perspectives are a selection of the many resources available online to learn more about how racism affects our communities:

The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union has also shared a list of anti-racism resources that may be helpful.

Speak Up Step Up

We all have an active role to play in promoting and maintaining a culture of dignity and respect, including tackling discrimination and hate crime. If you experience or witness harassment, bullying, violence or discrimination, you can report it anonymously using the Report and Support Tool. This tool makes the University aware of the experiences of students, so that they can be monitored and addressed. Find out more about ways to help via the Speak Up Step Up campaign.

Scholarship and Support Fund for Black Students

The University also launched a new Scholarship and Support Fund for Black Students this month to provide students with additional opportunities and experiences, and help provide equal opportunities, removing at least some of the financial obstacles that stand in their way. To find out more visit the University website.