Female runner on treadmill with motion capture cameras

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We (The Research Group in Breast Health) run a sports bra testing service and work closely with some of the worlds top sports apparel and lingerie brands to test their products. To do this, we require female participants to run in each sports bra whilst we measure how supportive the bra is using motion sensors. We also collect feedback from the participants to obtain subjective measures such as; bra comfort, perceived support and appearance.

Who should be able to apply to participate?

General public, Students, Staff

Participant Characteristics

  • Comfortable with treadmill running for short periods (of up to 2 minutes at a time)
  • Have not been pregnant or breast feeding within the last year
  • Have not undergone any surgical procedures to the breast
  • 18-45 yrs
  • Female

How many participants are you looking for?

Unlimited- this testing is repeated as part of multiple projects

Project start date

22 Sept 2021

What will participants be doing?

Participants will be asked to run on a treadmill at a steady speed (10 kph), in multiple different sports bras, for up to 2 minutes at a time

Please describe the time-commitment required (e.g. 2 hours every afternoon, etc.)

1 hour

What will participants receive as a reward for their participation?

Participants will receive £15 for their time, or a free sports bra

Where will participants be going? Please include the full address including postcode, or if they participate remotely/online please describe how.

University of Portsmouth, School of Sport, Health and Exercise Science, Spinnaker Building, Cambridge Road, Portsmouth PO1 2ER

What is the closing date for applications?

31 July 2022

How do applicants apply?

To register your interest, please follow this google form link https://goo.gl/wN5co7 and select 'volunteering for studies'.

We will contact you should any projects come up that you may be eligible for, to provide you with more information.

What ethics codes does the research project comply with?