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Staff, students and general public needed for study.

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An online lie detection study which examines differences in deceptive and truthful behaviour in pairs of friends or partners.

This online study investigates pairs of friends or partners lying or telling the truth about their friendship. You will be interviewed about your friendship. You will either be entirely truthful or entirely deceitful.

If you sign up as an individual, you will be allocated a ‘friend’ to participate with. If you sign up with a friend or partner, please provide each other’s names and email addresses to the experimenter. Pairs signing up together should feel that they know their friend or partner really well.

What will participants be doing?

During your appointment and after any necessary preparation time you require, you will be asked to complete a pre-interview questionnaire followed by the interview. The interviewer will not know which pairs are real friends and which are not. Therefore, it is both the lie tellers’ and truth tellers’ task to try and convince the interviewer that they are telling the truth. After the interview has finished, you will be given a post-interview questionnaire to complete before being debriefed.

Interviews will be conducted online via Zoom and should take around 60 minutes.

Participant characteristics:

  • any gender
  • aged 18+
  • good grasp of English as interviews will be conducted in English
  • staff, student and the general public


Each participant will receive a £15 reward for taking part.

In addition, pairs who are believed by the interviewer will be entered into a draw to win £200 (first prize), £100 (second prize) or £50 (third prize). In addition, after data collection have finished, the best truth telling pair and the best lie telling pair will receive £200 (per pair).

Closing date

31 July 2022.


To express interest in volunteering for this project please contact the experimenter Sara Geci at

For any questions about this project please contact the co-investigator Haneen Deeb at

Ethics code: SHFEC 2022-045