Recruiting participants to join our sports bra testing study

We are offering women the opportunity to test sports bras from one of the worlds top sports apparel brands. This is a fantastic opportunity to influence products that may be seen on the market in the future.

Volunteers must be

  • Age: 18-45
  • Gender: Female
  • Staff/Student: Both
  • Either a 40DD or 40E bra size
  • Able to jog on a treadmill for up to one minute at a time
  • Have not been pregnant or breast fed within the last year
  • Have not had any surgical procedures to the breast

More information

We provide a free professional bra fit and £30 for your time

Dates: 15 August 2019 - 16 December 2019

Duration: 1 hour

Location: Alex Milligan Laboratory (0.01), Spinnaker Building, Cambridge Road, PO1 2ER

If you would like more information, contact Brogan Horler at

This testing has been reviewed by the Science Faculty ethics committee and been given the following ethics code: SFEC 2019-031