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Brain activity and heart rate will be measured while you complete auditory attention tasks (psychological correlates of Lacey's Hypothesis during auditory attention tasks).

What will participants be doing?

You will be completing audio tasks while your brain activity and heart rate is measured.

The duration of this study is 1.5 hours from when you arrive at the lab to the time you leave. You will be fitted with the EEG cap (similar to a swimming cap) to measure your brain activity. If you are putting on headgear, please be aware that you need to take it off to allow the researcher to fit the cap on your head. A few electrodes will be attached to your wrists to measure your heart rate. Once set up, you will then complete a number of computer tasks.

Bring along a cap/beanie (to be used after the lab session as there might be some gel residue on your hair).

Participant characteristics:

  • any gender
  • aged between 18+
  • if you have hearing difficulties, you will not be able to take part as this is an audio task and use of listening devices can impact the results
  • if you take any heart or attention altering medications/ have any heart conditions/ have tall, bushy, braided hairstyles, or wear a head-dress that you do not wish to remove, you will not be able to take part in this study due to the study's nature


KH 2.03, Psychophysiology Lab, King Henry Building, Portsmouth, PO1 2DY

Closing date

31 October 2022.


To take part, please apply via this Calendly link

For any questions about this project please contact Thanusha V Manohor on thanusha.vmanohor@port.ac.uk  

Ethics code: SFEC-2019-074