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Film Production student, Benjamin Morgan, on his placement experience

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Hi, my name is Ben and I’m the Creative and Production Intern working in the EMEA Kids team at WarnerMedia.

I chose to do a placement because I wanted to build my industry experience and gain skills that would boost my 3rd year at university and would be invaluable to my future career.

WarnerMedia has been such a dream company for me to work for as it has such good values, high quality content and unmatched international reach. Working at WarnerMedia has been such a joy, even starting remotely, I work with some amazing people and my favourite part is working collaboratively to produce incredible content.

Describe your average working day

My role is split across two teams so I am lucky enough to get experience with both the creative and production sides of making content. The main focus in my role is production and coordinating projects which are shared across the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa) to go onto Cartoon Network, Boomerang and other channels in the both online and on air. In my role I work with programming, marketing, design and brand management to create content which supports our brands and shows across the region.

One task I find especially interesting is localising projects into up to 17 different languages and working with the local teams across the EMEA region. I also edit projects and source assets for the creative team which means watching lots of cartoons and getting very familiar with the shows! I get to work with other interns such as the brand management intern and the marketing intern and it’s really nice to get to work with people just as fresh to company as me.

A scene from Teen Titans animation movie

What do you enjoy most about your role?

What I most enjoy about my role is working with people who give you the support and confidence to really excel. I love being responsible for managing my own projects and  being trusted to do so. The support is always there if you need it but feeling like I’m really contributing to projects and the team in a meaningful way is just the best!

What have you learnt in your role?

One of my biggest skills I’ve learnt is time management, I’m not talking about waking up on time and punctuality but managing timelines of projects and prioritising work. In production this is so important and learning the balance and setting expectations is a skill I wouldn’t say I’ve quite mastered yet but such an important one that I feel I’ve really developed whilst at WarnerMedia.

Communication is key to everything and being able to effectively communicate professionally and concisely is something I’ve really worked on during my placement – it’s made me feel much more confident when it comes to applying to graduate roles after university.

Would you recommend a placement?

Absolutely, yes! The experience you get is unmatched and I’m really excited to be able to bring what I’ve learnt in industry to the table in my final year. The people you meet  and connections you make can be connections for life if you do it right and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredible people at WarnerMedia.