In 2018, after having served in the Royal Navy for 8 years, I finally decided to take a huge leap of faith. It seemed daunting at first, and impossible I thought. Over the last few months of my Naval career, my ideas became more transparent. I could see clearly where I wanted to be in the next coming months, eventually years. Finally, the big day came, my first day at the University of Portsmouth.

The decision to leave the Navy was inspired by passion and desire to have globally recognised qualifications. Of course, Logistics in the Navy was challenging and rewarding, however in order to push myself further, I needed to enhance my knowledge base. The enrolment process for my chosen subject, MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management, was as straightforward as registering online and meeting the required criteria. The support I received throughout the process was second to none.

Considering I had lived in Portsmouth for 9 years, starting at the University of Portsmouth was a whole breath of fresh air. I felt as new as my fellow colleagues who had joined from all over the world. I mean, I had never experienced life in Portsmouth as a student. The first day of induction was a real eye-opener, and it turned out I was in a great place of study. I made friends within hours: friends that would see me through the course and more importantly friends for life. The typical day was fun-filled with learning, socialising and some part-time work. I hardly remember a bad day throughout my time at the university, there were none!

Portsmouth city is one of the most culture-centric and diverse cities in the UK. It is known for its Maritime Heritage and is home to the HMS Victory: the worlds oldest naval ship still in commission. The city is also home to Portsmouth F.C., the birthplace of the famous author Charles Dickens and engineer Isambard Brunel. I could spend a day describing the city's many attractions including the captivating seafront, Mary Rose Museum and Spinnaker tower.

Towards the completion of my studies, I had been working on my CV. Evidently, having the University of Portsmouth on my CV was a huge credit. It immediately enhanced the chances of getting the job I had dreamt of. Within weeks of completing studies, after a few successful interviews, I landed the job! Currently I'm working as a Senior Supply Chain Specialist for a global Aerospace and Defence company, I always look back and smile knowing I made the best decision. The support from University staff, even after completion is amazingly great. As I look forward to graduation day, I hope my journey inspires you.